Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little of this...

I decided to make throw pillows for the livingroom...yet another accent piece (I do love them). I think it will be fun to have different turquoise fabrics to compliment the Anna Maria Horner Drawing Room fabric that I used on the drapes. Our furniture is large...and tan...and that's about it. A few splashes of color will liven the furniture up. I'm not sure how many pillows I'm going to make. I have 5 or 6 embroidery panels completed, but need more pillow forms. I may be making a stop after dropping S off at preschool. Speaking of which..this is the second week for him and it's been a rocky transition. He doesn't like playdough and has become very angry when asked to join in this activity. It's a fine balancing act to respect one's own desires...and the desire of your preschool teacher! He has a lot to learn.

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  1. i love the fabric and your embroidery looks beautiful.