Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

I was a little irritated because I tried to post this Friday morning before we left town, but I could not get any pictures to download. My girl turned 3 on Friday!! We left town for the weekend...went south and visited a zoo, a childrens' museum and an air/space museum. Both kids are becoming huge aviation buffs just like their dad! Friday was a bit of a rocky start but the rest of the weekend was great. We rode the Skyfari at the zoo (just like a ski lift). At first I was thinking that was a huge mistake...but both kids loved it! The childrens' museum is all hands-on so the kids had a blast. I did a little shopping (no fabric!) and we had good meals. Now back to reality. My hubby was up at 0430 to get ready for work and I work tonight.


  1. Happy birthday! What a cute little ginger! I saw her picture on the Sis Boom POW blog roll and had to comment because I have a 3 year old red head too. Yay reds!

  2. She is simply gorgeous... Everyone I know wi shes they had those lovely locks! happy threes!

  3. It's a great age to be. Very cute indeed...