Thursday, October 29, 2009

Projects Galore

I finished my second block for the Sis Boom Pow block gather....the other blocks are looking amazing. I like how my second one turned out. It seems appropriate to have raw edges for the bird feathers and nest. I actually finished the block on Sunday as well as 4 tote bags. 3 are for Christmas gifts (for friends' kids..thought I'd tuck a book or two into each bag). I'm particularly pleased with the Firefighter fabric and coordinating book!!

I also want a tote for C to keep her dance things in and one for each S and C to keep gloves/hat/scarf for ice skating lessons. S was so pleased with his tote..he promptly filled it with toys. I'm hoping it won't be hard to convince him next Wed that the toys will need to stay home.

I was pleased how productive I was on Sunday. I also figured out my stippling on a "practice" quilt. It must be the thread I was using though, as I was so close to being finished and the thread started breaking. I changed threads..then no problem, but didn't have enough to finish with. I moved on and basted 2 other quilts. I'm hoping I have time to quilt them this weekend. We do have a Fall Carnival to go to Saturday afternoon, then friends over for dinner after trick or treating. Sunday is hopefully ALL MINE so I can be a quilting fool. Already have ample thread purchased!

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