Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dining Room

I'm posting a few pics from our dining's a little cooler outside today so we have the windows open and it feels so wonderful to have a little breeze coming in and blowing the curtains open! It is such a welcomed relief to not have the humidity to deal with. I made the simple cafe curtains using Amy Butler's Lotus Wall Flower fabric. I have enough left to reupholster a vintage setee I bought at an estate auction. When I'm ready to tackle that project, I will post the before and after shots.
The bottom pic is my fabulous $2 find at Hobby Lobby. I love their 90% off section! I had my hubby help me hang it and he stepped back to admire our handiwork...and noticed one of three of our chandeliers hanging over our dining room table and he said, "Hey look at that! The picture matches the real ones!" I do love how handy...yet perfectly oblivious he is at times!


  1. Great curtains as well as Hobby Lobby find!

  2. love that fabric for curtains. such great a print