Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm so pleased this quilt is finally finished (except for a label on the back..but that will be done very shortly). I showed the unfinished quilt to my neice at her open house and she and her best friend loved it...and her friend said, "I want one just like it". So..that is my next quilt to start. I bought the fabric and will start cutting this weekend.
I added some embroidery to a couple squares just to personalize it a bit more. I love the Sublime Stitching patterns that I found here.
My neice is "leaving" for college this fall. She will move into the dorms about 5 blocks from home. It will be an easy transition for her and my sister as well. Her best friend will be leaving the state, so I'd like to finish her quilt and get it in the mail to her soon after classes start this fall.
The fabric I used on the back of the quilt is something I found at our local fabric store that "specializes" in remnants. I'm glad I bought 5 yds of it as I'm sure I won't find it again (at least locally) and I thought not only the colors were a perfect addition to this quilt, but I found the numbers to be a bit ironic to use on her "Quilt for College".
I used 3 types of metallic thread to quilt it. I did not plan to use 3 types. I would have been perfectly happy to finish using the type I started with, but ran out and could not find the same again. I tried another brand with similar colors, but it must have been the coating that caused such problems...the metallic coating actually separated from the thread and I could only quilt about 2 inches at a time before the thread broke. I settled for another brand and could only find it in silver, which looked nice. I have some ugly areas where you can tell I had been fighting with the thread breaking and restarting. I'll just inform my neice to never look at those areas.

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